We offer exclusive International Standard Abacus Program (SIT), English Phonetic & Grammer Classes, Handwriting, Tuitions, Hindi & Tamil Classes, Sloka & Bhajan and Dance, Activity Based Daycare and Drawing. We have national & international presence. we designed study materials according to age groups or class groups for achieving better results in to mind math education..


Abacus Program

Best Abacus Classes in K.K.Nagar. The Program is designed to develop the integrated and motoring functions from both sides of the brain. When children manipulate the beads of the Abacus, communication between the hands and the brain stimulates the brain’s right and left hemispheres. The right hemisphere – abstract side – creates an image memory of the beads on the Abacus while the left hemisphere – logical side – applies the requisite rules to perform the calculation.


English Phonetic & Grammer Classes

We provides the English Language Classes in K.K.Nagar. Our students learn to speak the language by imitating our speech. Just as we insist on correct grammar and usage in our students use of English, we should pay attention to their pronunciation too. We can serve as good models for our students, if we pay attention to our own pronunciation. Therefore, in this course we will try to help you improve your own pronunciation of English.


In order to meet the exact demanded of our esteems clients, we are engaged in offering Handwriting Improvement Trainings. This Program is dedicated to maximum legibility with maximum speed. With this program, students develop handwriting that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Smart writing is a handwriting course which is designed to improve the style and legibility of writing of the young & elders easily.


We are dedicated to make the home tuition services accessible to all. This is why we offer special education services to differently abled students. We have dedicated tutors to handle differently abled children. Our main aim is to help the students to get ready for a bright future by offering personalized tuition.


We are a popular company known for providing Painting Classes to the clients. We design paintings to inculcate the culture of creativity and achievement amongst the young minds. The student is encouraged to see, observe and do these activities by themselves, thereby invigorating their mental, intellectual and artistic skills. It is necessary to provide them with such non-academic activities that are either completely missing or practiced on a limited scale in the schools.

Hindi & Tamil Classes

We provide Solution handle Hindi and Tamil Classes serives is higly experience in this sector. Transword, which offers translation, interpretation services in all the major languages of the world gives a complete solution to achieve communication goals for its clients.

Sloka & Bhajan

We are also invite artists from different parts of the cities who have expertise in Sloka & Bhajan. We are a team of party which is specialized in creating different arrangement related to the our devoutee services we offers and can handle even large events with the right ease.

Music & Dance

A strong passion for dance along with dedication, discipline and hard work has made us the achieve new heights. Our Dance and Music Troupes are most admired by various reputed event companies who continue to share a great relationship with us. The Fact behind our success in this category is that, our executives spend quality time with our clients to understand to their desires in the best possible manner.

Activity Based Daycare

Built in a very Eco-friendly way, wherein children enjoy and learn in the stress-free environment. Spacious campus and play ground with luscious green lawn and it also helps in improving eye sight and good health. Best Organic farming zone to Inculcate the habit of planting, sapling and gardening.